How to Make Double-Sided Name Tents in Word

how to make double-sided name tents in word

To make double-sided name tents in Word, start by opening a new document. Go to the ‘Page Layout‘ tab and set the orientation to ‘Landscape.’ You type in the text right-side up, and Word automatically turns it upside down as needed. Download the template and create a new document with it.

Then, choose ‘Columns’ and select ‘Two’. This setup will allow you to create two name tents per page. Type the names you want on the tents in each column, how to make double-sided name tents in Word, and remember to type each name twice, as you’re making double-sided tents.

After typing the names, you can add any desired designs or formatting. Once you’re satisfied with your design, print the document. Then, cut the printed paper in half, fold each half into a tent shape, and you’ll have your double-sided name tents.

1. Introduction to Double-Sided Name Tents

Double-sided name tents are indispensable tools for events like conferences, meetings, or large family gatherings.

They provide an easy and efficient way for participants to identify each other and how to make double-sided name tents in words, thus fostering better communication and interaction.

Making these name tents yourself using Microsoft Word not only saves you time and money but also allows you to personalize them to your preference.

In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to create your double-sided name tents. Whether you’re planning a large event or a small gathering, this DIY activity is sure to add a professional touch to your setup.

Purpose and Utility

  • Explain the purpose and versatility of double-sided name tents in events and professional settings.


  • Highlight the customizability of name tents, allowing you to include names, titles, logos, and other relevant information.
how to make double-sided name tents in word

2. Preparing Your Content

Before diving into the creation process, it’s imperative to gather and prepare your content. This includes a list of names, titles, and any other pertinent information you wish to include on the tents.

If you’re including logos or images, ensure they are high-resolution to maintain quality when printed.

For an organized output, consider using a spreadsheet to compile your data.

This preparation stage will streamline the process of how to make double-sided name tents in Word, making it more efficient and less stressful.

Gather Participant Information

  • Start by collecting the names and any other relevant information of the participants you will be creating name tents for.

Design Elements

  • Consider any design elements you want to include, such as company logos, color schemes, or decorative accents.

3. Setting Up Your Document

Open Microsoft Word

Page Orientation

  • Choose landscape orientation to create double-sided name tents effectively.

Page Size

  • Set the page size to fit your name tents. A common choice is 8.5 x 11 inches, which can be folded in half to create two 4.25 x 11-inch name tents.


  • Adjust the margins as needed, but ensure there’s enough space for content and folding.
how to make double-sided name tents in word

4. Creating Your Name Tent Template

Table Insertion

  • Insert a table to create the basic structure of your name tent. A 2×1 table is suitable for a single-name tent.

Adjust Table Size

  • Resize the table to fit your intended name tent dimensions. For double-sided name tents, each side will be 4.25 x 11 inches.

Borders and Shading

  • Add borders and shading to the table cells for a polished look. You can choose from various line styles and colors.

5. Designing the Front Side

Front Side Content

  • Start designing the front side of the name tent. Add the participant’s name, title, organization, and any decorative elements.

Text Formatting

  • Format the text, adjusting font size, style, and color for clarity and aesthetics.

Images and Logos

  • If desired, insert images or logos on the front side for branding or visual appeal.

6. Designing the Back Side

Back Side Content

  • Design the back side of the name tent. You can include additional information, such as contact details, a schedule, or other relevant content.

Text and Formatting

  • Format the text on the back side, ensuring readability and consistency with the front side.

Images and Additional Elements

  • Insert any images or additional design elements on the backside. Keep the design cohesive with the front side.

7. Ensuring Alignment

Table Alignment

  • Ensure that the front and back sides of the name tent align correctly when folded. Adjust the table placement and margins if needed.

Folding Guidelines

  • Consider adding folding guidelines, such as dashed lines or text instructions, to help users fold the name tent correctly.

8. Preview and Proofread

Preview Mode

  • Use the print preview function in Word to check the appearance of your name tents. This helps you identify any formatting issues.


  • Carefully proofread all content to eliminate typos or errors.

9. Printing Your Name Tents

Printers and Paper

  • Select a printer that can handle the paper size you’ve chosen. Use quality cardstock or thicker paper for durability.

Printing Options

  • Configure your printer settings to ensure double-sided printing. Some printers have automatic duplex printing, while others may require manual flipping of pages.

10. Cutting and Assembling

Cutting Guidelines

  • Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut the name tents along the fold line, creating two separate name tents.


  • Fold each name tent in half, creating a double-sided tent structure. Ensure that the front and back sides align correctly.

Assembly Checks

  • After folding, verify that the name tent stands properly and the text is visible on both sides. How to make double-sided name tents in Word. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure stability and readability. The assembly check is crucial to ensure a high-quality end product.

11. Storage and Transportation


  • Store your assembled name tents in a dry place to prevent any damage. Please place them in a flat storage box to maintain their shape and prevent any creasing.


  • When transporting your name tents, package them carefully to prevent any damage. Consider using protective packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, to provide additional protection. Always handle the name tents with care to maintain their quality and readability.


Creating double-sided name tents in Microsoft Word is an efficient and cost-effective solution for events and professional settings. With the ability to customize content and design, you can tailor the name tents to your specific needs while ensuring a professional and polished appearance. Whether for conferences, workshops, or meetings, how to make double-sided name tents in Word offers a practical and versatile way to identify participants and enhance networking opportunities.


How do I print tent cards on both sides in Word?

To print tent cards on both sides in Word, first, design your tent card in a new Word document. Next, go to File > Print. Under Settings, select “Print on Both Sides” to make double-sided name tents in Word, ensuring you choose the “Flip on long edge” option. This will print your design on both sides, creating a double-sided tent card once cut and folded.

How do I create a name tent in Word?

To create a name tent in Word, start by opening a blank document. Under ‘Page Layout,’ select ‘Orientation’ and change to ‘Landscape.’ Then, choose ‘Columns’ and select ‘Two’. This will divide the page into two columns, enabling you to create two name tents. Insert a text box in each column and enter the desired information.

How do you flip text in a tent in Word?

To flip text in a tent in Word, first select the text box containing the text. Next, go to the ‘Format’ tab, and under ‘Rotate,’ select ‘Flip Vertical.’ This will invert your text, making it readable when the paper is folded into a tent shape. Remember to flip the text on both sides for a double-sided tent.

How do I make a two-sided flyer in Word?

To create a two-sided flyer in Word, begin by opening a new Word document. Go to the ‘Page Layout’ tab and select ‘Margins,’ then ‘Narrow’ to maximize space. How to make double-sided name tents in Word Now: click ‘Insert’ and add your text, images, and other elements. After designing the first page, insert a page break (Ctrl+Enter) to design the back side. Finally, print using the ‘Print on Both Sides’ option under ‘Settings’.


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